Bodiography Fitness and Strength is a full-body strength and conditioning program targeting muscle movements typically performed in ballet, minus the actual dancing!

Are you a professional dancer looking to level up your stamina and endurance to support your current training regimen?

Are you a former dancer looking to rebuild your core strength, balance and stability, be consistent with a fitness program and increase your confidence?

Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants the long, lean professional dancer’s physique, posture, range of motion and confidence with no dance experience?

Whether you are looking to rebuild your fitness, rehabilitate or prevent an injury, are new to core training, or need accountability and support to be consistent, Bodiography Fitness and Strength is for YOU!

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What you can expect as a result of this Bodiography Fitness & Strength Workout:

  • An efficient one-hour class with at least 20 minutes of abdominal/core work
  • A safe, motivating and effective environment using a variety of modalities (balls, bands, weights)
  • Improvements in balance, stability, core and full body strength, range of motion, stamina and confidence
  • Guidance and personalized modifications from a certified professional

Created by Bodiography® Contemporary Ballet’s Artistic Director Maria Caruso, the workout is derived directly from the fitness and strength training needs of professional and pre-professional ballet dancers. By combining the alignment principles of ballet, traditional training techniques, and specifically constructed exercise sequences, this system is truly the “ballet workout for everyBODY”.

The Bodiography® recipe for success is a combination of consistency and variety. The system can have multiple emphases such as balance and flexibility, strength and agility, or specialized muscle groups while simultaneously working the whole body.

Though a workout will always have a minimum of 20 minutes of intense and concentrated abdominal work, the Bodiography® system is designed to target all muscle groups from the abdominals, back, legs, arms, and glutes.

There are two great ways to access this cutting edge program!
Download a step by step video at home (Equipment needed)
Find a class taught by a certified instructor in your community

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Become an Instructor

What we are looking for in an instructor

Fitness, health, wellness, and positive body image have been the focal points of Maria Caruso's artistic mission. Following in her footsteps, Bodiography looks for motivated fitness enthusiasts who celebrate athleticism and an appreciation for every-BODY.

Are you passionate about fitness and interested in getting results and empowering others?

Are you a professional dancer who wants to broaden your earning potential while inspiring others?

Do you currently teach fitness or another genre of dance and want a program to add to your arsenal?

If so, we would love to train you!

Bodiography Fitness and Strength Training Instructor Certifications happen several times per year, and we are happy to host a certification in your area. Review our certification schedule or email us at for more information.

What is included in the Certification

The Bodiography® Fitness and Strength Training System Corporation offers training for instructors several times a year. A $300 training session will provide:
  • An eight hour course with a trained Bodiography® instructor to provide personal and tailored instruction on exercise sequencing, alignment and anatomy, pedagogical techniques, and Bodiography®'s fitness and health principles.
  • An 86 page manual which has the dual function as a tool for the training process and as an easy and appealing reference guide for instructors.
  • An extended Bodiography® Fitness and Strength class incorporating all standard and advanced exercises as well as additional exercises not included in the manual.
  • Attendants with a certificate which allows them to teach the Bodiography® class in any gym or dance studio that is properly licensed to host the program.
  • The opportunity to purchase exclusive Bodiography® instructor fitness apparel.

How to host BFSTS at your facility

In order to have the Bodiography Fitness and Strength Training System class at your facility, you must have a license and a certified instructor. A $200 annual fee is required to host a certified BFSTS instructor at your location. This license allows the host to offer unlimited classes by the instructor. The host license must be paid in full in order to offer classes.

To obtain a license, please email us at

BFSTS Certification Schedule

Saturday, July 20, 2024 from 8 AM to 5 PM.
Bodiography Center for Movement
5824 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Instructor Registration

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